ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to current public health concerns, all sessions will be conducted via Telehealth methods, video or phone.  No in-person sessions are offered at this time.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an important journey of healing and exploration set in a safe and empathic space.  Individual therapy can help to develop and deepen a sense of self, understand the nature of thoughts and emotions, work to develop new ways of thinking and acting in the world, and build and achieve life goals. Of utmost importance is the invaluable role individual therapy plays in repair of deep wounds and recover from trauma. I offer individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.

Family Therapy

One of the most powerful contexts we all exist and develop within is our family.  Our family of origin and family of choice shape our experience of others, ourselves, and the world as a whole.  Our families serve as an important vehicle of development and change, and can be facilitated with the help of family therapy.  In addition, family therapy in conjunction with individual therapy can bring about more effective change and support.

Group Therapy

I offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills group where adults come together to build their knowledge and practice of skills in a supportive and safe therapeutic environment.  DBT skills group targets skill acquisition and practice, and complements individual DBT to provide a comprehensive treatment intervention.

*Group recently concluded, register for the next group, starting soon.

Fees are prepaid monthly, to be paid at the first group of the month. There are no credits, refunds, or make-up groups for missing group, as the fee is applied to also hold your spot in your absence.

This group allows for rolling admissions, you can join at any time.  To enroll in the group, you must attend a free 30 minute individual orientation with me at least one week prior to group to allow you space to to discuss DBT, group process, and make an informed decision before making a commitment.

When it comes time to complete your work with the group, please provide notification at least one week prior to your final group.  This allows the group to say their good byes and celebrate your success.

If at any time you need to return to group, please contact me and set up a follow up 15 minutes orientation in order to get up to date on the current group module and skill.

My fees for services are as follows:

  • Individual therapy: $225 per session
  • Family therapy: $250 per session
  • Group therapy: $75 per session

Kelsey J. Harper, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist PSY26415