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Hello!  I am Dr. Kelsey Harper, a licensed psychologist (PSY26415) practicing in the greater Los Angeles area. Welcome to my biography, where you can find my education and training, and history that led me to this moment now.

I received my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in San Francisco.  I studied family systems, lifespan development, and relational functioning and interventions, diagnosis, and psychodiagnostic assessment.

As an intern at Children’s Institute in Los Angeles, I received intensive training in trauma and a variety of evidence-based practices to implement in a community settings. I worked primarily with complex trauma and chronic dysregulation across the lifespan with young children, adolescents, and adults in individual, group, and family-based interventions.

Following my internship and graduation, I worked as a clinical and community therapist with Pacific Clinics in the San Gabriel Valley. There, I provided therapeutic services and used evidenced-based practices to address substance use, trauma, and personality disorders. In addition, I provided school-based mental health services, including staff and faculty consultation and workshops regarding dysregulation, self-harm behaviors, and behavioral interventions applicable within the community.

To complement my clinical work, I provided psychodiagnostic assessment services in a private clinic in San Pedro. There, I provided family-based consultation, diagnosis, and treatment planning for a variety of clinical issues, including personality disorders, learning disorders, and mood disorders.

In order to strengthen and build interventions for personality disorders and chronic dysregulation, I obtained intensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy in 2012-2013 by Alan Fruzzetti, Ph.D., through the Nevada Psychological Association. I applied this treatment modality at Pacific Clinics, where I facilitated groups, provided DBT-informed individual therapy, and supervised practicum trainees practicing DBT-informed treatment. This modality also informed treatment plans I developed through diagnostic assessment in San Pedro.

I chose to deepen my work and experience in DBT and dual diagnosis treatment and transitioned to work as a DBT therapist at Clearview Treatment Programs in Los Angeles.  Over time at Clearview, I took on additional roles and transitioned into a Clinical Director of Outpatient Programs and  oversaw the clinical staff and and programming in the DBT Day Treatment Program, Evidence Based Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs, and Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Programs. My team and I developed an intensive Family Skills weekend, a family based DBT skills group.  I maintained my clinical work and facilitated ongoing DBT skills training and and Skills Application groups, Relapse Prevention groups, conducted individual DBT therapy sessions, and participated in DBT team consultation. I also obtained advanced training in DBT, with particular focus on families and couples, Prolonged Exposure trauma treatment, and dual diagnosis interventions.

In 2016, I transitioned to work as a Program Director and Therapist at Promises Malibu Vista, Women’s Residential Program that specializes in comprehensive treatment for women recovering from complex trauma, personality disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety.  Here I expanded my work with DBT and trauma modalities to adapt comprehensive treatment interventions to soothe and regulate overwhelming emotions and repair traumatization.

In private practice, I offer a variety of interventions to meet the individual needs each person has.  In therapy, I work within a relational perspective to examine the role relationships play in a person’s life, and how these relationships shape a person’s identity and sense of self.  Through developing an empathic therapeutic relationship, I examine the ecological context a person interacts with in order to address the components of a person’s life that impact their ability to build constructive relationships with others and with self.   I work with children and adults in individual and family therapy through a strength-based approach to enhance resilience, repair relationships, and build coping skills to continue to progress throughout the lifespan.

Struggling with personality disorders can create significant obstacles in relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and intimate partners.  Through a committed DBT-informed approach, I focus on calming internal distress, mending deep emotional wounds, and building access to serenity in order to repair bridges to supportive relationships and secure sense of self. I also offer phone coaching services to support skill use in all contexts including home, work, and relationships.

Kelsey J. Harper, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist PSY26415